Meteor.Js - A Web Framework For Everyone

Meteor for absolute beginners

The slogan for Meteor.js is “A web framework for everyone” which means it is a general purpose web framework suitable for absolute beginners or a ninja. You don’t have to know much about programming, no prerequisites, starting making real-time web application by reading easy to follow guide and tutorials. There are also numerous books and video tutorials to get started.

Meteor for front-end developers

Front-end developers are mostly used client-side codes like javascript, so meteor.js is perfect for them as it is also purely javascript that can run on browser and server both seemlessly. Meteor comes with out template engine and very simple APIs to make real and production-ready web applications in no time. A top-notch designer Sacha who made his first meteor-based app called Telescope which is now very popular and he is busy with it. Marc’s RalphChat is an web chat app which is also Marc’s first attempt of using Meteor effectively.

Meteor for Node and JavaScript ninjas

Don’t worry if your are professional in javascript programming and need advanced framework. Meteor is also for ninja users because it very advanced framework and you can change any part of code to suit your application. You are not bound to using it’s provided APIs or functions. You can define a custom-build system or alter it’s real-time behavior using public or non-public APIs whatever you want. There are many meteor community members who build amazing packages and soluctions. For example real-time Mongo connector for Meteor, NPM integration, a fast page-loading system and many other projects are contributed by professional meteor users which you also can.

Amazing core team and community

Meteor’s core team are from google, MIT, Asana etc which are super talented people and works brilliantly and helps community very closely. You can check GitHub commit log for how they are active and making this framework more better day after day. It’s community is doing hard to help other members of the community are who are in trouble understanding advanced features or assist on their ongoing project go forward. Meteor will not replace any of the current frameworks like PHP or RoR in web development but they will sure become very popular and be first on discovering something new in the nodejs world.

For a large project, there must be planning and selecting better framework for scaling, supporting millions of users, speedy database and much more. Most of the web developers start with confidence and they are happy for some time but as web application becomes popular and more and more features have to be added, need more hardware resources, then they are in tension and have to spend more money for solving those problems.

Meteor is good framework for large-scale application which makes you happy forever. You will save more effort and time while making the app.

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